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Leading employees to achieve personal satisfaction in their careers is the key to becoming an organization where people want to stay for the long haul.

“Employees expect leaders to care about their career growth, in order to stay engaged.”

People usually work for companies where they see growth opportunities. If you want to keep your employees for the long run, you must try to make sure they have growth opportunities every step of the way.

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Companies who want to make sure that their employees keep working with them long term, must take steps to create a positive and memorable work environment.

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Employee attrition weakens an organization. When employees leave an organization high and dry without giving leadership the time to replace them, it hurts the morale of other employees, and the brand image with customers.

“Attrition impacts the efficiency and productivity of an organization.”

Different Types of Attrition

Attrition in an organization can be of different types and have varied impact on the people left behind.

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The evidence that emptying your mind is a vital part of being creative and successful is proliferating.

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Achieving work-life balance has always been an endless battle among corporate executives. On average, a full-time employee in the United States works 1,801 hours per year, or 37.5 hours per week, which is more than other OECD countries. For example, Europeans work up to 19 percent fewer hours annually compared to those working in the US.

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Relationships are not difficult to sustain, provided there is open and honest communication between people. When each person understands how the other thinks and feels about specific topics, the relationship becomes more open and inclusive, making it simpler to sustain.

Stop Being Lousy

As Jim speaks about what he had to go through to fall in love…

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There are people who strive to achieve what other may consider impossible. This might be with reference to their personal lives or their professional lives. Nevertheless, they want to achieve something that they have never done before. Furthermore, they thrive at the idea of achieving what others may have never been able to do.

Control the Narrative

Lots of…

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A lot of people are curious about dreams and their origin. Most dreams are usually absurd, and open to various interpretation. While many scientists say that dreams occur in correspondence with the last thought that went through our minds when we fell asleep, many others think that it is a game of our subconscious mind.

The Significance of Dreams


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Experts have yet to discover the limits of the brain’s abilities. Some believe we may never fully grasp them all. But the data does support the existence of one of its most significant processes: brain-rewiring. It can help your brain relearn, by repairing old pathways or creating new ones.

What Is Brain Rewiring?

Neuroplasticity is the…

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We humans are always learning. Ever since our brains develop enough, every single experience teaches us something new. Today, in this complicated world where everything is changing all the time, learning from your own life experiences might become a little redundant.

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